Completely Eradicate Five Points to Protect the Sound

- Jul 18, 2018-

In order to better protect the sound, we should put an end to the following points:

First, the audio equipment is placed in the cabinet.

Some audio enthusiasts are in the protection of the audio or the role of decoration, putting the audio equipment into the customized cabinet, but do not know that this will make the audio equipment easy to overheat and age. Because the space in the cabinet is limited, there is not enough air circulation, which will cause resonance to make the sound turbid, power amplifier and other equipment.

The second point is that the equipment is placed under pressure.

Some audio enthusiasts have placed some DVD players, amplifiers, tuners, digital-to-analog converters and other machines on top of each other for the sake of convenience. This will cause mutual interference. In particular, the disc player and the power amplifier have serious interference, which will make the tone soft and suppressive. In order not to cause mutual interference, the equipment should be placed on the audio frame designed by the factory.

The third point is that the plug is not positive or negative.

Some audio fans think that the plugs are not divided into positive and negative, and the sound effects are the same. In fact, the system with good positive and negative power plugs has a clear tone and natural smoothness; the positive and negative are inconsistent, and the tone will be hard and rough. Therefore, audio enthusiasts, usually pay attention to the positive and negative plug of the plug!

Fourth, the wiring is not handled properly.

Many audio enthusiasts may think that there is no big deal in wiring. In fact, there is still a lot of learning. For example, when wiring, do not tie the power cable and signal cable together, because AC power will affect the signal; the signal cable or speaker cable cannot be tied, otherwise it will affect the tone; the signal cable or speaker cable should be shortened too long; many signal lines All have directionality and can't be mistaken. Therefore, the fans should also think clearly when wiring, those can be tied together, those can't; those lines need to be long, those lines need to be short, and so on.

The fifth point, blindly imitating balance.

Some fans are also trying to emulate other people's practices when they see how other fans can improve the sound. But after emulation, it did not achieve the same effect. In fact, everything needs to start from the actual situation and find the most suitable solution. For example, people's home long signal lines and short speaker lines work well because their front and rear poles are balanced with the laser. Your equipment is not balanced, but it is difficult to achieve the same effect.



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