Comparison of Simultaneous Recording and Post Recording

- Sep 29, 2018-

Simultaneous recording is also called live recording, and the recording method of recording is performed at the same time when the screen is taken. In general, the sound engineer will use the tape to include it. Recording during the same period requires the sound engineer to have good soundproofing equipment in the studio. And install soundproofing devices on the camera and recorder. The simultaneous recording is also used for the location shooting scene, and the recorded audio is used for reference during the dubbing of the actors to improve the quality of the dialogue.

And the post-recording that we usually use is the post-recording after the filming is completed. Artistically speaking, in the late dubbing of the language, it is difficult to express the passion in the live performance, and the environment of dubbing and photography is different, so the sound of the late dubbing is not as real as the recording of the same period. However, from a technical point of view, the post-recording can be carried out in a recording studio with relatively good acoustic conditions and high quality recording equipment. It is not limited by on-site acoustics and environmental conditions, and there is no interference from the scene and camera noise, so it is simple and easy.

Both the simultaneous recording and the post-recording have their own advantages, and the on-site director can choose according to their actual needs. Higher-quality movies can be selected for simultaneous recording, while those with less high quality can choose post-recording.



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