Commonly Used Noise Reduction Methods

- Oct 11, 2018-

1. Noise gate: set a threshold of a level. The signal level below this threshold is all filtered out. The signal level above the threshold is all passed. (The signal level refers to the signal and noise. The level of the flat sum), the sound material with high signal to noise ratio does not need to be denoised.

2. Sampling and Denoising Method: This is a method for professional audio processing software to effectively remove the continuously stable background noise. The principle of denoising is to sample the waveform samples of the noise, and then analyze the sample of waveform and noise sample of the entire material, automatic removal of noise. The advantage of this noise removal is that the noise can be completely removed. The disadvantage is that it has a destructive effect on the original human voice quality, and the signal-to-noise ratio is more destructive. After this denoising, the sound of the metal is very strong. Therefore, this method is generally not recommended to denoise the singing voice. As far as possible, the highest signal-to-noise ratio is controlled in the early stage to be the key to solving the problem.

3. Other methods of noise removal: use the spectrum to analyze the frequency band where the noise is located, and adjust the EQ to attenuate the signal level of the frequency band where the noise is located. This signal to the original vocal frequency band is also attenuated, forming new problems, but also used less.



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