Common Sound Engineering Problems and Maintenance Methods

- Nov 12, 2018-

First, the limiter adjustment problem: many of the equipment in the sound engineering is used to make the display, and then some are counterproductive. The reaction will have a serious impact on the sound system, mainly because the sound cannot be produced, the obvious performance is that the stronger the accompaniment sound, the natural weakening makes the singer feel at a loss.

Second, the problem of signal distribution: signal distribution problems generally appear in the sound field with several sets of speakers, and then use a balancer to distribute the signal to multiple amplifiers to promote the speaker, then there will be signal distribution problems, such as impedance matching, whether the level distribution can be balanced, whether the power obtained by the speaker is normal, and the frequency characteristics of the sound field and the speaker are difficult to adjust with a balance.

Third, the system level problem: the first cause of this problem is the lack of power amplifier flexibility control switch open; the second is that the system does not make zero level adjustment. Sometimes the mixer channel pushes a little bit of output, which can affect the dynamics and distortion of the system.

Fourth, the bass signal disposal: the first type does not do the electronic crossover with the full-range signal directly to the amplifier to promote the speaker; the second does not know where to extract the bass signal from the system for disposal. Assume that the full-frequency signal is not used for the electronic crossover to directly push the amplifier to the speaker. Although the speaker has sound and does not burn out the unit, it is unbelievable to send the full-range sound in its low unit; but if the signal is obtained from an inappropriate position in the system, on-site control brings unnecessary trouble.

Fifth, control problem: the control problem is in the mixer. Because the mixer is the control center of the system, sometimes the high, medium and low EQ balance on the mixer is equally enhanced or attenuated to clarify that the system is not adjusted.

Sixth, the effect loop disposal: should take the post-signal of the fader, to prevent the uncontrollable effect of causing the microphone to scream, return to conditionally occupy a channel, so that debugging is more convenient.

Seventh, the line connection process: the common system communication interference sound is that the line connection process is not well formed, and there are balanced and unbalanced conversion methods in the system must be connected according to the norm. Also don't use inferior connectors.



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