Common Problems And Troubleshooting Methods In Videoconferencing System

- May 28, 2018-

1. When videoconferencing is conducted, it is often the case that the picture suddenly appears to be stuck. The reason for this phenomenon is that due to network problems, the LAN traffic may be too high.

At this moment, you should check whether the network circuit is damaged or not. Check if the interface is damaged or loose. With regard to high LAN traffic, the solution is to drop the rate of IP calls and decrease LAN traffic.

2. In the process of video conferencing, sometimes the picture may be unstable or the picture may be slow. There are three main reasons for this situation:

A. Network attacks blocked. The solution to this problem is to drop the rate of the IP call and start the call from the beginning.

B. There are too many motion pictures. Dealing with this problem should reduce the screen movements. For example, participants should try not to make large-scale movements. Selecting scenes with less movement is also an effective way to deal with this problem.

C. The picture quality is set high. To deal with this problem, simply turn down the picture quality settings.

3. During the operation of videoconferencing system, sometimes the videophone function will be flawed. The videophone function cannot be used normally. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon:

A. The network settings are faulty. To deal with this problem, you can refer to the operating instructions to adjust the network settings.

B. The user is inside a private network or a firewall. When dealing with this problem, it is also necessary to adjust the network settings on both sides of the call to remove the other party from the private network or firewall.

4. In the process of using the video conference system, sometimes the screen will always appear to have not obtained the IP address of the body surface, the formation of this phenomenon for two reasons:

A. Take the initiative to obtain a lost address. When dealing with this kind of problem, you should check whether the address allocation server exists.

B. Loss of ADSL login. To deal with this problem, it should be concluded that ADSL's password and key are correct.

5. During the operation of the videoconferencing system, sometimes the icon of registration failure appears on the screen. To handle this problem, you should check whether the address is correct.

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