Common Faults And Solutions Of Sound Amplifying Systems

- Jun 19, 2018-

1. The sound amplifying system sometimes emits a "click" sound, especially during the playing of music.

Cause of failure: There is a phenomenon of joint welding between the equipment of the sound reinforcement system. When there are music signals, the virtual solder joint makes the signal intermittent.

Solution: (1) It is necessary to thoroughly check the wiring of each channel. It is advisable to re-weld the connection points. (2) If the connection solder joints are thoroughly inspected, "click" sound phenomenon still appears. The connection line may be broken. Check each of the wires with a multimeter and replace the cables with broken wires inside.

2. The amplifying system plays without sound.

Cause of failure: The power plug of one or several devices in the connected audio equipment is not inserted properly.

Solution: Check the power terminal board so that the socket contacts well.

3. When the sound amplifying system is muted, the hum sound is serious.

Cause of failure: poor connection or false welding of the connection shield of each channel device.

Solution: Carefully check the shielded wires between the devices and try to use soldering.

Cause of failure: The device with three-pin power plug is connected to the two-wire input socket, and the two-phase power cord is reversed to the neutral wire.

Solution: The two-wire input socket, neutral line and fire line must be reversed. In general, the left foot of the socket is a fire wire and the right foot is a neutral wire. Power plug board should be configured with three legs, and the middle and top pins should be connected to earth ground to ensure power safety.

Cause of failure: Some audio devices use two-pin plugs, but some devices must use three-pin plugs. Otherwise, AC induction may occur during connection, leading to hum.

Solution: Turn the plug of the audio device of the 2-pin plug upside down.

4. During the process of sound reinforcement, a group of speakers or two groups of speakers on the left and right channel ports suddenly sounds silent.

Cause of failure: Under normal circumstances, it is due to the power amplifier overloading or speaker sound power is too high to burn.


(1) Replace the amplifier or speaker.

(2) Replacing abnormally paired high-power transistors to repair the power amplifier must pay attention to the occurrence of such situations. All of them are caused by overload. Attention should be paid to the operation when tuning. To protect amplifiers or speakers, sound reinforcement systems can consider adding limiters.

5. In the karaoke hall, the vocals of the singers are separated from the playing music accompaniment and are not merged.

Cause of failure: The left and right channels of the audio source enter the mixer, and the panning buttons on the corresponding channel are randomly placed to cause confusion.

Solution: Correct the adjustment of the corresponding channel panning knob so that the mixer's output signal remains the sound image of the original sound source.

Cause of failure: The room equalizer only compensates for the sound of the music, or the room equalizer room equalization curve is not reasonable.

Solution: Readjust the room equalization compensation curve.



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