Classification of Sound Box in Recording Room

- Sep 26, 2018-

The monitor sound box is professional audio equipment. It is characterized by the ability to restore the sounds of the high, medium and low frequency bands in a balanced manner. The sound playback is not modified or rendered, and the audio signal is faithfully restored.

Monitor sound boxes are divided into active speakers, also known as active speakers, and passive speakers. At present, active speakers are the mainstream of the market, which stems from the design concept of desktop devices:

1) Active speaker: This is the active speaker. This name is a very vivid illustration of how it works, because it has a built-in power amplifier in its cabinet, and it can work normally by directly inputting the standard analog line signal. At present, most of the monitor speakers being produced on the market are basically active. It is a development trend. More and more manufacturers have stopped the production of passive monitor speakers, from the top far-field main monitor speakers to low. The price of the near field monitor speakers, most of them are now active speakers.

2) Passive speakers: Such speakers must be connected to an external power amplifier to form a complete playback system. The audio signal is first output to the power amplifier, and the amplified signal can drive the speaker to make a sound. The monitor speakers used in the analog era are basically passive, and usually have a larger size than the near-field monitor.



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