Classification and Characteristics of Indoor Acoustics

- Sep 12, 2018-

The methods of indoor acoustics include geometric acoustic methods, statistical acoustic methods, and wave acoustic methods. When the indoor geometrical size is much larger than the acoustic wave wavelength, the geometrical acoustic method can be used to study the early reflected sound distribution to enhance the direct sound and improve the uniformity of the sound field, thereby effectively avoiding the sound defects. The statistical method we are talking about is to study the growth, stability and attenuation process (ie, the reverberation process) of the acoustic energy density under the excitation of continuous sound source from the energy point of view, and give the exact definition of the reverberation time, so that subjective evaluation The combination of standard and acoustic objective quantity provides a scientific basis for indoor acoustic design. When the indoor geometric size is comparable to the acoustic wavelength, the resonance phenomenon is easy to occur, and the sound quality will be chaotic. At this time, we can use the wave acoustic method to study the indoor sound. The positive vibration mode and the generation condition are used to improve the uniformity and spectral characteristics of the sound field in a small space, thereby coordinating the characteristics of the room acoustics and ensuring a reasonable sound propagation mode. 

When using acoustic materials, we must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the entire listening environment, and do not use them blindly, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The application of building acoustic materials is to treat the physical conditions and acoustics of indoor acoustic wave transmission to ensure good listening conditions in the room, and to block the noise and interference outside the building, and to create an audio-visual room that meets the indoor learning environment.



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