Audio Signal And Audio Analysis

- Jun 13, 2018-

Audio is an important medium in multimedia. The frequency range of the audio signal that we can hear is about 20Hz-20KHz, where the speech is distributed within about 300Hz-4KHz, and the music and other natural sounds are distributed in the full range. The sound is recorded or reproduced by an analog device, becomes analog audio, and is digitalized into digital audio. The audio analysis mentioned here refers to the process of extracting a series of characteristics of the signal in the time domain and frequency domain by taking the digital audio signal as the analysis object and the digital signal processing as the analysis means.

The audio analysis of various specific frequency ranges has its own different application fields. For example, the analysis of the speech signal between 300-4 kHz is mainly applied to speech recognition, the purpose of which is to determine the speech content or determine the identity of the speaker; and for the full range of speech signal analysis between 20-20KHz can be used to analyze Measure the performance of various audio devices. The so-called audio equipment is the actual sound to pick up the sound to play out the entire process needs to use all types of electronic equipment, such as microphones, power amplifiers, speakers, etc., to measure the main technical indicators of audio equipment frequency response characteristics, harmonics Distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, etc.



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