Audio Interference Analysis

- Jul 18, 2018-

There are two types of balanced and unbalanced types of signal line input and output interfaces between audio equipment: balanced two-wire differential type, which has strong common mode interference suppression capability, small audible interference, and is often used for long Signal transmission under distance or strong interference conditions. Unbalanced single-wire single-ended is mostly used for signal transmission between close-range or internal devices. In order to suppress hum noise, the following points should be noted:

(1) Avoid connecting the signal ground wires between two devices with different ground potentials directly or forming a ground loop.

(2) Try to avoid or weaken the direct connection between the two devices.

(3) The part of the electrical connection is shielded in a system, and the signal ground or shield is grounded on one side of the system.

(4) The long-distance transmission signal adopts the balanced transformer transmission mode. There must be a balance transformer at both ends, and the shield layer is grounded at one end, or it can be left unconnected. Grounding can be used as a shielding function, and it can also prevent electric shock accidents when the electric power is connected. When not grounded, the balance transformers at both ends can provide insulation isolation, balance the center of the transformer, and discharge static electricity.



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