Audio Industry In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

- Jun 19, 2018-

From the first industrial revolution to today's fourth industrial revolution, from the steam technology revolution, the power technology revolution, the computer and information technology revolution to today's new technological revolution based on information, automation, and highly-connected technologies, human to science and technology Innovation has never stopped, and technology has truly changed lives. The era of the All-In-One Internet has come. In a broad sense, the audio industry, as a small part of the Internet of Everything, has moved from traditional to intelligent, and has evolved from a single product to audio and video integration.

Take the mixer as an example; the analog mixers in the past have been insufficient to meet the cumbersome music festivals and concerts. At this time, the emergence of digital mixing consoles can realize more complex processing functions and meet the diversity of market users. And the audio signal will not affect the sound quality due to electromagnetic interference in the processing and transmission within the mixer. The interior of the circuit in an analog mixer is susceptible to degradation due to the surrounding electromagnetic environment and internal electromagnetic field disturbances due to circuit design. The most fundamental difference between the two is that the digital mixing console converts the incoming analog signal to a digital signal through A/D. The internal effects are also based on the digital signal. The output is then converted back to an analog signal through D/A. Analog mixers directly use analog circuits to process the incoming analog signals. When the digital mixing console converts between analog and digital modules, it easily causes distortion, which reduces the sound quality. The analog mixer still maintains the authentic characteristics of the original signal.

Although the well-designed and high-grade mixing console can minimize the impact, from a practical perspective, the digital mixing console has a screen display that can not only view the factual information, but also store the program, save the scene, and can be used at any time. , It is very practical; while the analog mixers want to meet the needs of each band's singer performance, not only require the tuner to have good musical literacy appreciation ability, but also have a superb memory for a superb listening experience, and the performance is a game down, often unsatisfactory. The transition from analog mixing consoles to digital mixing consoles precisely shows that products are becoming smarter, that is, “de-specialization”.



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