About The Mediant And The Three-way Speaker

- Jun 19, 2018-

The most sensitive and familiar sound band of the human ear is the mid-high frequency sound. The most frequently heard person's life is the sound of the intermediate frequency, which is often referred to as the midrange.

First of all, because of the constraints of technical conditions and other aspects over the past decades, the audio devices that people often touch in their lives, such as televisions and tape recorders, are almost always dominated by the middle and high frequencies, and they are almost inaudible from such audio equipment. Ultra-low and super-high sounds, as almost all of them do not play sounds in these bands. Second, the sound of water and rain that people often hear in their daily lives, and the sound of animals such as birds and dogs are mostly in the mid-range.

Furthermore, in the songs popular in karaoke rooms, the mid-range sound of each song melody also accounts for the vast majority of the proportion, and now the popular RNB-like songs in the bar have a higher percentage of the mid-range sound of melody and lyrics, which is almost from midrange through the entire song.

In everyday life, people's most gentle and attractive voices are mid-range sounds. As long as the dice is pushed down slightly, by adjusting the tone and speed, the spoken voice sounds soft, mellow, and contagious.

From this it can be seen that the midrange almost runs through all aspects of our work, life and entertainment. Because people are most sensitive to the midrange, and the vocal energy concentration area is also in the mid-range area. Therefore, it is necessary for the speakers to do a good job of midrange. However, it is the hardest thing to do a midrange. In theory, the use of low and high pitch units in a speaker plus a midrange unit will make the sound of the band more reasonable. However, in the actual design and debugging process, more technical problems are involved and the cost of the speaker will increase. Therefore, although the concept of the three-way speaker has been proposed for many years, various manufacturers have continuously tried to produce it, but few have done it well.

A three-way speaker usually refers to a speaker composed of three different types of speaker units: low, medium, and high. Usually, the bass unit is responsible for the bass section, the mid-range unit is responsible for the mid-tone section, and the tweeter unit is solely responsible for the high-pitched section. Since the unit's working frequency bands are well-divided and the respective “reassignments” assigned to them are appropriate and reasonable, the stability is guaranteed, and due to the careful division of work, the frequency response curve of the three-way speakers will be more reasonable and relatively more balanced, so the sound layering It will be relatively clear. If the design is reasonable, the three-way speaker will be brighter and mellow than the two-way speaker in terms of hearing, as if you can hear more things, and the vocal position is in front, and the positioning is accurate, so the intimacy on the spot is strong and the singing will be relatively It is more relaxed, lighter, and more aura. The performance of instrumental sounds is unique and has a strong sense of hierarchy.

The true three-way speaker is quite rigorous in the selection of the unit and the selection of the crossover point, and the most suitable unit for the KTV speaker midrange is usually a four-inch, five-inch, and six-and-a-half caliber. Usually, midrange and high frequency are responsible for the midrange horn. Therefore, the bass unit should use F0 as low as possible, and the tweeter should use the frequency response as far as possible to extend the super-high pitch. After such a unit is combined into a system, the effective frequency response (frequency response) of the three-way speaker will be wider than the frequency response of two-way speakers, thus highlighting the advantages that three-way speakers should have.

Since the three-way speaker adds a midrange unit, the sound frequency band where the bass unit does not go up and the sound band where the tweeter unit is not lowered are reasonably connected and complemented, so that the speaker curve is more reasonable and balanced, and the bass unit is shared. A small part of the tweeter works as if the two people had an average of three points. If the crossover technique is reasonable, the three-way box is more stable and more durable than the two-way box. If the design is reasonable, the three-way speaker will be more rounded and brighter than the two-way KTV speaker in practical applications, so the singing is more natural than the two-way KTV speaker.

From the trend of higher and higher audio requirements for karaoke rooms, in the coming years, high-end three-way speakers will replace two-way speakers to become the mainstream of K-room speakers, and high-end three-way speakers will become One of the hallmarks of the high-grade K room.

True, natural, healthy, bright and clear, soft, and easy to sing is a unique sound of high-end three-way speakers. This timbre is the common pursuit of demanding investors and experienced players because of the sound quality. People who just say good may not necessarily know, but the sound is not easy to sing, easy to sing, or not to sing.



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