A Technique for Picking up Sounds in A Home Recording

- Jul 30, 2018-

Picking up is one of the important parts of recording. Recording is to record sound. In the process of recording, the quality of the sound directly affects the quality of the final recording. So, what are the tips for picking up sounds in home recording?

Generally speaking, in home recording, the most common one is single-person pickup. The simplest vocal pickup is to use a MIC to record a person's voice, to adjust the MIC to a heart shape, or to super-heart-shaped pointing. The mouth is directly opposite the microphone.

The most common recording method, the mouth leaves the MIC about 20 cm, and the singer, do not sway or sway when singing. This is good for some singers who don't have much recording experience. Because this will ensure that they are unified in the sound quality when singing the whole song.

In addition, the sound recorded by the usual recording method is relatively cold, because the distance from the MIC is not within the range of the MIC's close-talk effect. We can effectively use this "near-speaking effect" to make the picked-up sound more full and have a certain intimacy.



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