A Sound Console in A Professional Sound System

- Sep 07, 2018-

The mixer is the control center of the modern sound system, and a professional sound system is often centered on the mixer. The commonly used mixer can accept 8-24 different signals at the same time, and adjust the processing of these signals in terms of tone and amplitude. Generally speaking, the mixer has four functions: 1. signal amplification; 2. frequency adjustment (ie, tuning) for various signals; 3. signal combination; 4. signal distribution. In addition, the mixer has functions such as monitoring, display, remote control, grouping, and intercom.

Usually called mixers, the structure is generally channel input components, bus output components, group return components and so on. The many faders and knobs on the mixer are all the same in function. As long as you can master the operation method that is proficient in one channel, you can use the entire mixer skillfully.

The signal flow of the mixer is divided into three parts: the signal input part, the bus part, and the signal output part. The sound source signal is input from the microphone or input from the line, and the gain is adjusted to enter the equalization process for sound quality compensation, and the attenuator is used for the mixing ratio adjustment; and then the sound image is adjusted to enter the left and right channel bus bars and the group bus. The sound signal is extracted before and after the fader, and enters the auxiliary busbar respectively; the mixed acoustic signal coming out from the busbar is mixed and amplified, adjusted in size and amplitude, and isolated and amplified; and the corresponding various outputs are sent out. The sound signal sent from the auxiliary or the signal of the external device passes through the effector or other processing, and enters the mixer from the auxiliary return end for size adjustment and sound image adjustment, superimposes with the signals on the left and right channels, and then sends out together.

With the development and progress of the society, the types of mixing consoles are increasingly numerous and the functions are becoming more and more perfect. The mixer can be divided into multiple categories from different angles. According to the purpose, it can be divided into recording mixer, amplifier mixer, DJ (disco) mixer. If classified according to signal processing, it can be divided into analog and digital. According to the form of use, it can be divided into three types: portable, semi-moving, fixed, and so on. At present, various types of mixers play a role in their respective applications due to their different functions and characteristics.



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