5 Questions to Pay Attention to Before Recording

- Sep 25, 2018-

1. Is the distance between the microphone and the instrument appropriate?

If the microphone is too far away from the instrument, it will record the sound of the room or other instruments; if it is too close, it may cause an imbalance due to the playing or knocking of too many instruments. Walk around the musicians and put your fingers in your ears to find the best picking position.

2. Are there any problems other than microphone placement?

Getting a good sound depends on the instrument, the player, the amplifier and the room. First the player has to be able to play the sound you want to record. In terms of influencing the final sound, the microphone itself does not have the position of the microphone to be important, then the room, the player are important factors, and finally the project itself.

3. Is the problem in the signal chain?

Don't ignore the microphone preamp. Usually the better the preamplifier works, the less trouble you have when capturing sound.

4. Is the circuit connection of the microphone correct?

Phase checking ensures that all microphone cables are properly connected.

5. Does the sound of the instrument sound good?

Make sure the instrument is tuned to its optimum state for the best sound quality. Reducing resonance and external noise to a minimum.



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