20 Tuning Techniques that the Tuner Must Know

- Oct 16, 2018-

1. The sound is dim, it is to raise the high pitch, and you should adjust the TREBLE of the mixer;

2. In order to highlight the vocals, it is necessary to improve the midrange. The MID of the mixer should be adjusted;

3. In order to enhance this sense of vibration, it is necessary to raise the bass, and should adjust the BASS of the mixer;

4. To move the vocal image of the singer left and right, it is necessary to adjust the PAN of the mixer;

5. The PEAK indicator on the mixer indicates the peak value;

6. When the PEAK lamp is on, it should be properly reduced to GAIN;

7. The processor's processing of the signal is to reduce the gain for the weak signal;

8. The main function of the noise reducer is to reduce the noise of the tape. The complementary noise reducer processes the signal first by compressing and then expanding;

9. Among the various types of audio sources, the device with the worst signal-to-noise ratio is a tape recorder;

10. The compression ratio of the compressor is the ratio of the number of decibels at which the input level is increased to the number of decibels at which the level of the output is increased;

11. The main function of the noise gate is to reduce the noise when there is no signal;

12. The main function of the feedback suppressor is to suppress the positive feedback of the sound;

13. In order to make the speech sound clear and clear, it is usually the same time to press High Cut and Low Cut.

14. To change the strength and duration of the bass, you should adjust the GIRTH, OVERHANG of the accent's accent processing channel;

15. The key equipment that affects the sound quality of the sound system is the speaker. Except for the speaker, the device that has a great influence on the sound quality of the performance is the microphone;

16. If the singing is to use the national singing method, the effect program is to choose LARGE HALL;

17. Play disco dance music, the equalizer of the equalizer is strongly enhanced, and the treble is an appropriate upgrade;

18. The main division of the preamplifier and power amplifier is that the front is responsible for amplification and control, and the amplifier is responsible for amplification;

19. The main function of the compressor is to protect the performance of the rental speaker, can change the dynamic range of the sound reinforcement system, the signal processing is to compress the range between the larger level and the minimum level;

20. The equalizer is capable of changing the frequency response characteristics of the sound reinforcement system. The equalizer is usually connected between the mixer and the power amplifier. If the HIGHCUT button is pressed, the high frequency noise can be lowered. If you press the LOWCUT button of the equalizer, you can reduce the low frequency hum.



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